iGEM 2017 Surveys

iGEM is on a mission to get to know YOU better.

By understanding how YOU work, YOUR challenges, YOUR needs, and YOUR objectives, you can help us make the iGEM experience better for both your team and future teams.

Instead of sending out one big survey, this year we split them apart to make them shorter and easier for you to take at your convenience. We ask all iGEM teams to participate to help us learn more about iGEM 2017.

Please take a moment to complete these short surveys. Each are designed to take only a few minutes to fill out. Please NOTE that some ask for 1 response per team while others ask for all participants to share their own personal views.

Thank you for participating.

Team Survey

One response per team requested

Tell us about:

Software, Technologies, Synthesis, and Assembly

Below are a series of questions about software, technologies, DNA synthesis, and assembly. Please take a few minutes and answer the questions below. Please provide only one answer per team.

One team will be chosen randomly to win a fun prize at the Giant Jamboree! The survey must be complete in order to win.

Tell us about:

Safety Insert found in the Distribution Kit

This year, we included a Safety Insert in the Distribution Kit. We are asking each team to complete this brief survey about the insert. Please only submit one answer per team.

Participant Survey

All iGEM 2017 participants are asked to take the below surveys

Tell us about:

Another very short survey coming soon!


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