Competition/Deliverables/Judging Form


6. Judging Form

Judging Forms serve an important purpose in iGEM by allowing you and your team to communicate your achievements with the judges.
When judges evaluate your team, they will look at your wiki, see your presentation, and come visit you at your poster. But judges have many wikis to evaluate and sometimes pages can be hard to find. They also might not know which of your parts is the best one, or the one they should evaluate for the "Best New Basic Part" or "Best New Composite Part" award.

The judging form allows you to communicate this information to the Judges so they don't miss the most important pages on your wiki and your best parts. Judging forms are based on medal criteria, so make sure you have met the medal criteria for your track. Judging forms also allow teams to self-nominate themselves for special prizes.

Completing your Judging Form

Due date: October 27th at 11:59PM EDT

Please note this deadline is the week before wiki freeze and is a hard deadline. No extensions will be provided, no exceptions!

You can access your by clicking on your team name and selecting judging form at the top.


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