4. Presentation

Each team is given one 20-minute presentation slot. Each team will be randomly assigned a presentation time during the Giant Jamboree. The presentation must be given by a student on the team roster.

Presentation Requirements

In iGEM, the purpose of the presentation is to communicate the project to others in an information and engaging manner. Teams are welcome to add an interactive or theatrical component to their presentation as well. Powerpoint slides or Prezi presentations are the most common methods of giving a presentation.

  • Each team is allowed to present one (1) presentation during the Giant Jamboree (please note: talks are randomly assigned to the schedule)
  • Presentations cannot exceed 20 minutes in length
  • Only registered student members of the team are allowed to present the team presentation. Advisors, instructors, and PIs are not permitted to present.
  • There is no limit to how many students may present
  • Only students on the team roster can answer questions during the Q&A session. Advisors, instructors, and PIs are not permitted to answer questions about the project.
  • Teams must bring a laptop or other device and any special adapters for using a projector at the Giant Jamboree
  • Teams must submit a PDF copy of their presentation to iGEM Headquarters at the Giant Jamboree (details on how to submit will be provided closer to the Giant Jamboree)

Presentation Guidelines

Please see below for presentation guidelines:

  • Each team is assigned a 30 minute session:
    • 5 minutes for setting up
    • 20 minutes for presenting
    • 5 minutes for questions from the judges and audience
  • Teams are given a 2 minute warning, then a 1 minute warning, and then will be cut off after the full 20 minutes
  • Presentations should include an attributions section
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Teams should select 2-4 student team members who are comfortable with talking in front of an audience to give the team's presentation
  • While only a few team members present the project, the entire team should be at the presentation and should join their teammates during the questions

Presentation Examples: Slides

In 2016, Teams NCTU Formosa (undergraduate) and Tel-Hai (overgraduate) won Best Presentation. You can see their presentation slides here:

Additional presentation slides can be found on the Results page. You can navigate to different years from the top menu bar, and view team presentation slides by clicking on the slide icon next to a team's name.

Presentation Examples: Videos

Below are some of the Best Presentation winners from the 2013 and 2012 Jamborees. The remaining videos can be seen on the Results page.


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