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8. Sample Submission

As described in the Registry Part page requirement, one of the expectations for participating iGEM teams is that they will submit any new biological parts they created to the Registry. This expectation is a part of our "Get and Give" philosophy, where iGEM teams receive existing and contribute new biological parts to the Registry.

We have detailed instructions for DNA Submission and all teams are required to follow those instructions.

DNA Submission Deadline

Mail By Date: October 27, 2017

You must send your part submissions by this date. They do not need to arrive at iGEM Headquarters by this date. Proof of shipment is required in the form of a tracking number in your online submission form.

How to Submit a Part

This information is meant to help teams easily find the links to the Part Submission information for the 2017 season and provide the general workflow teams should follow when they are creating parts they wish to submit to the Registry at the end of the iGEM competition.

Submission Requirements

All teams must follow the Submission Requirements, which includes submitting your parts in the pSB1C3 backbone and ensuring the parts are compatible with the BioBrick standard described in RFC 10.

You also need to create your new Part Pages prior to filling out your team's submission form and must submit the sample as dried down DNA. See below for a general workflow for submitting parts, and Submission Requirements Page for more details and step-wise instructions.

Labeling Your Submission Correctly

One of the most important aspects of submitting samples to the Registry is proper labeling of the mailed package. All samples submitted must be labeled as DNA and cannot be hidden in any way. This is important because we must all follow the customs regulations as researchers in synthetic biology. This is also part of being honest and we value honesty throughout the iGEM competition.

This may mean your sample arrival is delayed due to customs. While we know this may be frustrating for you, it is still important that you follow the instructions fully. This possible delay is why our deadline is a "mail by" deadline rather than a "receive by" deadline.

Step 1: Check Submission Requirements

All parts submitted to the Registry for medal consideration need to follow the iGEM Submission Requirements.

Step 2: Create Registry Pages for Your Parts

You need to Create a Registry page for every new Part you submit for the competition. This is non-trivial and will take a lot of time, so make sure to create your pages early!

Step 3: Prepare Your Physical Samples for Shipment

For the 2017 season, we will provide teams with a Part Submission Kit which you will use to send your samples to iGEM HQ.

Step 4: Fill Out the Submission Form

Every team sending in parts must fill out the Submission Form prior to shipment. Important: you need to create the Registry pages before you can fill this form out!

Step 5: Ship Your Parts to iGEM

Teams must Ship the Parts to iGEM HQ by October 27th (post-mark date) and provide iGEM HQ with a tracking number for that shipment.


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