PASantiago Chile/collaborations


Saint Rose

Last year we work together with two groups from Saint Rose School, which form part of the same academy with us. Part of their project was a sensor with the complex of LuxR and LuxI, that make the homoserine lactoprotein and produce the activation of a second promoter. For the good results of the electrophoresis and the the later transformation in an e. Coli, we start to think that the use of that complex was the best way to generate the reaction in our second plasmid and the transcription of the Chromoprotein and the lemon scent.

For our better knowledge in the area of lab work, use of implements and techniques, we start to work together, they share with us the later results and the cultivate complex, and we help they in how can make the most effective way to use the lab.

Also they can went to the iGEM 2016, so we can share the experiences, tips, and how to work on the wiki to optimize the time. For that we know that synthesize our parts and work with the gblocks was a priority for a best and easier job.

Sebastián Oyarce (San Andrés Team iGEM 2015)

In the academy that we participate, he was part of the first group that went to iGEM. Then he started to work as advisor at the laboratory, help us to learn all the techniques and methodologies. with his knowledge of participated on igem, was a fundamental part for the organization of our group at the beginning of the year, making his experience our guide of how we had to work to win some price in this competition.

After all that he join to Mayor University to study biotechnology because who teach him and all of us was Javier Villacreses Biotechnologist and our Principal Investigator in the project, but he still working with us for a while, teaching us everything about the lab.


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