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First we prove that the sequences were correct and then we sent to synthesize to IDT.
When we received the DNA, it was resuspended correctly, for the posterior double digest of every part. Which also worked well.

Fig 1.- Resuspended IDT synthesized Gblocks

With all of that, we proceed to do the ligation of the parts to form each module.To prove it, we did a electrophoresis, where the bands had the right molecular weight.

Gel 2

  • Purple Ladder
  • Ligation: Lux+Backbone (27/10)
  • Ligation: Complete sensor+Lux+Backbone (28/10)
  • Ligation: Module+Backbone (27/10)
  • Ligation: Complete sensor+Lux (27/10)
  • Ligation: Sensor+Lux (21/10)
  • Ligation: Part 2+Lux (21/10)
  • Ligation: Part 1+Part 2+Lux+Backbone (28/10)
  • Ligation: Ligation: Part 2+ Lux (2) (21/10)
  • Ligation: Part 1+Part 2+Lux+Backbone (2) (01//11)
  • Ligation: Sensor+Lux (3) (21/10)
  • Ligation: Part 1+Backbone (28/10)
  • Ligation: Plasmido 2+backbone (21/10)
  • Ligation: Part 1+Part 2 (27/10)
  • After the ana
    Therefore, we did the transformation of the E.Coli,inserting both plasmid for then cultivate in plaques.

    Work in progress. 1/11/12

    With the objective of do the final check, we did another electrophoresis, and again we could see that the bands had the right molecular weight.In conclusion all the experimental process was correctly executed.

    Work in Progress 2/11/12


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