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PLOS is pleased to announce that submissions from the iGEM Jamboree can now be made to the PLOS iGEM Collection. Visit PLOS iGEM Collection to learn more.

Online Peer Review for iGEM 2016 projects

On the 28th of January, iGEM and PLOS co-hosted the first online Peer-Review Jamboree for iGEM 2016 projects. Twenty-two teams submitted high quality manuscripts through the Breezio online platform to be considered for review in PLOS Collections and PLOS One. The platform allowed for easy communication between the authors and reviewers in real time. We collected some information about participation during the event:

    Participate activity from Peer-Review held on January 28, 2017

    • 73 users total logged in during the live event from 17 countries
    • 384 comments were made in total
    • 35 chats took place per hour
    • Users voted an Article up at a rate of about 12/hr
    • 67% of users that logged in left at least one comment
    • 40% of users returned the next day
    • At peak, there were 23 users online together at once in the Articles
    • The activity started around 5am, peaked between 11-12pm, and stopped around 3pm EST
    • 155 average views per submission

For more information on Breezio, please see the

2016 PLOS iGEM Project Rooms page

The iGEM Foundation and PLOS are committed to Open Access peer reviewed publications and hope to continue to develop this relationship throughout the 2017 season. We hope to show the finished articles here when they become available.

Check back for information on the iGEM PLOS 2017 collaboration!

Next Steps for Peer-Review Participants

For the teams and authors involved, the next steps are as follows:

  1. Teams will be emailed this week by the PLOS Collections team
  2. They will be asked to revise their submissions in line with the feedback they received as necessary
  3. They will have the option to submit to PLOS ONE or PLOS Collections. We will make a recommendation either way, but the choice will remain theirs. We will ask that these are submitted within the next 4 weeks.

Representatives of both organizations had messages after the Peer Review Jamboree ended. Nathaniel Gore, from PLOS Collections had this to say:

“The first ever PLOS iGEM Realtime Peer Review Jamboree proved to be a great success in fostering open communication to improve science. With citizens of 17 countries taking part and almost 400 comments on 21 submissions, it showed the global nature of science, and how providing an open platform and the correct tools in the form of Breezio, and by encouraging constructive and positive feedback and debate, open community review can be a great success. We truly hope it was a very positive experience for everyone who took part, especially for those for whom this was a first experience of peer review.”

For more information, please see comments from PLOS at the end of the event:

Click here

Siavash Mahmoudian, the CTO of Breezio also had a comment after the Peer Review Jamboree:

"Breezio was initially built to help programmers teach and learn together with the motto of "Help to Learn, Learn to Help". Soon after we discovered the platform can be used to build communities with similar vision around many other fields such as science and health. Today we were so proud to see such a high level of engagement around quality content by iGEM scientists from around the world for the first ever PLOS peer-review online Jamboree event!"


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