Team:ASIJ TOKYO/Attributions


All lab work was conducted at the American School in Japan by team members of the 2017 ASIJ iGEM team.

Project Advisor

Ms. Beth Crissy supervised our lab activity and provided presentation coaching.

Project Support and Advice

Dr. Akihiro Abe: Taught us about the current advances in immunological therapy for colorectal cancer.

Taipei American School, Mr. Jude Clapper (2017 TAS iGEM team): Technical support on our experiments and wiki.

Tokyo Tech iGEM Team: Gave us feedback on the presentation of our results.

2015 Peking iGEM Team: Inspired us on our construct design.

Lab Support

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT): Provided us with parts of DNA for our construct.

Wiki Support

Alex Shin & Everett Xu: Made this page and other pages.

Human Practices

ASIJ administration: Thank you for all of our in-school events: Blue Out Day, Back-to-School Night presentation, Relay for Life, Summer Passport Lab Work, and MPR Student Presentation.

Mr. Ed Gilmartin: Shared his personal story as a colorectal cancer survivor with the iGEM team.

Ms. Carole Nickle: Shared her personal story as a colorectal cancer survivor with the iGEM team.

Athena Brooks: Helped us reach out to the Japanese community by getting permission to hand out brochures.

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