Team:ASIJ TOKYO/Safety



Safety Standards

The ASIJ lab is classified as biosafety level one, as we work with agents that do not cause disease in healthy adults and do not harm the researchers or the environment. We work in a standard open laboratory containing a PCR work station with a hepa filter.

Individual safety-wise, all individuals working on project have been instructed in laboratory techniques and the locations of fire safety equipment. Individuals have also been instructed on how to handle and properly dispose of reagents and biological components (E.coli.) The lab includes an autoclave for preparation and decontamination, and all surfaces are wiped with bleach after each experiment.

Oversight-wise, our primary instructors are responsible for lab biosafety. However, each individual working in the vicinity or directly with lab equipment is also responsible for the well-being of their own self and of other people and as such are required to sign a general lab consent form and to take a post-instruction safety test prior to full use.

Finally, regional safety-wise, in response to Japan’s particular locational needs (mainly earthquake and fire protection), we are under proper earthquake and fire safety regulations maintained and checked under the authority of our Deputy Head of School, Tim Thorton, who coordinates and sets up regular safety inspection of our facilities with the proper authorities.