Team:Aalto-Helsinki/Human Practices


Human Practices gathers together our Project, starting from a Story and Dialog. Safety and Ethics reflect our own points of view about the footprint of our project and our responsibilities as decision makers. The Concept includes the whole application design process from the problem to the final product design.

Public Outreach includes all the activities and educational material we have done and created in order to spread the word about synthetic biology and iGEM. There you can also find our Media achievements.

Under Judging we have pulled together the most important parts of our process in a chronological way, so it is easy to follow how we worked with our Silver Medal in Human Practices and Integrated Human Practices, and how conversations have affected our direction and who has been helping us during the project. Applied Design tells where we found inspiration and how we gathered and used knowledge in order to create a new kind of application design by using input coming from synthetic biology. A business model that we created around our concept can be found from Entrepreneurship.