KILL XYL project came from several months of brainstorming with all the team. Jérémy Cartalas (quorum sensing), Hussein Daher (disruption of the biofilm) and Camille Garcia (phage-like particle) played major roles in the project and biobricks design.


All of the project funding came from the work of Sophie Laporte, Flora Sciuto, Jérémy Cartalas, Myriam Azzarelli and Emeline Goll.

Biobrick assembly

All the experiments were conducted by Soraya El Hamdaoui, Robin Mera, Hussein Daher, Jérémy Cartalas, Myriam Azzarelli, Flora Sciuto (biobrick assembly and biobrick standardization), Camille Garcia and Marie Salomon--Mallet (modification of M13KO7).

InterLab and test experiment

All the InterLab experiments were done by Lisa Frugoli. Test with phages and phage-like particles were conducted by Thibault Bongiovanni. Lisa Frugoli was also in charge of all the test with Arabidopsis thaliana with the precious help of Ben Field at the LGBP lab. Our instructor Gauthier Dangla-Pelissier did the biofilm tests with Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Human Practices

Ema El Djoudi and Lucile Dupré developped the public and olive growers surveys.

Camille Garcia and Lisa Frugoli asked the help of the experts Mireille Ansaldi (bacteriophages) and Jacques Van Helden (Metagenomics). Marie-Agnès Jacques, expert in Xylella fastidiosa, was contacted by Myriam Azzarelli.

Lucile Dupré, Lisa Frugoli and Sophie Laporte represented our team in the "Forum des biotechnologies" at Polytech Marseille and Camille Garcia and the advisor François Morlet represented our team in the "Village des Sciences" Marseille. All of us went to the march for science. Finaly, Ema El Djoudi, Martin Mestagh, Thibault Bongiovanni, Myriam Azzarelli and Emeline Goll get to the "Salon de l'agriculture".

Camille Garcia made contact with the Moulin de Velaux, which gives us the soil samples to test the longevity of our phages in nature.


All the team modeling was done by Erwan Eriau.


Design and construction of the camera was done by Julien Santoni and Guillaume Hernandez.


Camille Garcia was in charge of the collaboration with the Evry Paris-Saclay team.

Mediterranean Meetup

Thibault Bongiovanni and Camille Garcia were the main organizers of the event.


All of us participated in the design and creation of the wiki, with the precious help of our advisor François Morlet. Louis Villard and Camille Garcia also created and designed our website.

Art, Poster and Talk

All the members of our team played a role in the creation of our designs. The poster and the talk were also created with the help of all of the team. Some of our illustrations were created with the help of canva and their design. Finally, some icons and art were designed by Smashicons, Vectors Market, pedronieto93 and Freepik from Flaticon (CC BY 3.0).


We would like to thank all the advisors and instructors who help us for the wetlab and performed an outstanding job : Laetitia Houot, Valerie Prima, Sandra Michel, Gauthier Dangla-Pelissier, Bordi Christophe, Tangui Messina and Marcel Giansily. We also thank Marlon Sidore for his supervision with the modeling and collaboration part. We would like to thank the LGBP lab at Marseille for their help with Arabidopsis thaliana. We are grateful to our PI James Sturgis, without his precious support the KILL XYL project would have not been created. Finaly, we would like to thank the LISM and the IMM for their reception and for letting us work by their side during three months.

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