Collaboration between teams is crucial for the health of a project. As each team has a variety of skills, collaborating is the best way to improve all the iGEM projects.

Evry Paris-Saclay team


We met the Evry Paris-Saclay team in Paris during the 3rd Parisian meetup. Evry Paris-Saclay team project is focusing on the production of D-Psicose, which might be helpful for diabetic patients. Unlike us, their team has knowledge about legislation and market study that none of us has. On the other hand, our team has skills in biochemistry, structural biology and in enzymology.

After few skype conferences, a collaboration was born! Therefore, we offered them our help to study the enzyme responsible for the conversion of D-fructose and D-psicose, the D-Psicose-3-Epimerase (EC 5.3.1) (see here) and members of Evry Paris-Saclay team offered us help with the regulatory framework of GMO research and the release in the market of our product. You can check out their research here.

We would like to thank Evry Paris-Saclay team for their marvelous work !

Collaboration with UNebraska-Lincoln

UNL iGEM team contacted us to collaborate on their human pratices. Each member of our team responded to their survey about the methane production and inhibition. Our answers interested them because GMO is a sensitive topic in our country. You can check out our research on GMOs study here.

Project postal card exchange


Thanks to the Cologne-Duesseldorf team, we took part to the postal card exchange program. This was a great opportunity for us to share with other iGEM team our project and the iGEM experience. We also received a lot of postcards coming from other iGEM teams. We were excited to read about their projects and to learn more about their iGEM experiences.

We would like to thank the Cologne-Duesseldorf team. We really look forward to meet all the teams at the Giant Jamboree !

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