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Human Practices


We have thought about the Human Practices from the very beginning of KILL XYL. At the beginning of the project, we drew the limits of the project and discussed which different actors were going to be involved and affected by our scientific approach. This way our project could be as adapted as possible to the needs of society.

As our project advanced and defined itself, we worked on the practical side of Human Practices:

This tree sums up the Human Practices part of our project as it grew and entwined together. To better understand what we did, you can follow the links underneath or read our summarize for silver medal or for gold medal.

  • T--Aix-Marseille--survey.pngSurvey
  • InterviewInterviews
  • LegislationLegislation
  • T--Aix-Marseille--Public.pngPublic Engagement

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