3rd Parisian Meetup


This year, our team participated in the 3rd Parisian Meetup, organized by the Pasteur Paris team. This meetup gathered most of the french iGEM teams and allowed us to share our project and our experiences with the other teams.

This meetup also gave us the opportunity to meet an expert in synthetic biology and in engineering, but more importantly allowed us to meet other iGEM competitors and to share our thought and iGEM experiences. It is also here that we started our fruitful collaboration with the Evry Paris-Saclay team.

We sincerely thank the Pasteur Paris team for their invitation to the 3rd Parisian Meetup and we hope that we will all meet again at the Giant Jamboree!

Mediterranean Meetup


For the first time, we decided to create a meetup to gather iGEM teams from the Mediterranean shores. This idea came from realizing that some iGEMers didn't have the chance to take part in a meetup before the Giant Jamboree. This is unfortunate because meetups let us share experiences, practice presenting our project and allow us to meet each other.

We quickly decided to create an international Mediterranean Meetup. As this was the first edition, we didn't invite many teams. Finaly, the Bordeaux, Technion Israel and Valencia UPV teams joined us in Marseille to share experience about their projects.


We organized presentations of the different projects and poster sessions, but we also visited part of Marseille. This allowed us to better know each other. At the end, this mediterranean meetup was amazing not only in a scientific way but also in a social way.

We thank Bordeaux, Technion Israel and Valencia UPV teams for coming in Marseille and we hope to meet them soon at the Giant Jamboree.

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