Team:Amazonas Brazil/Achievements



Overcome boundaries

✸We registered our team, we had a great season and we outstand as the only amazonian team at the 2017 Giant Jamboree.

✸We meet all deliverables on the Competition.

✸We documented what each member of our team has done this season on our Attributions

✸We joined iGEM community in the Interlab study.

✸We described every work accomplished by our team and collaborators

✸We designed our augmented reality poster and plan on presenting it at the Giant Jamboree

✸We sent Safety Check-in form to verify the safety of our lab, project and new part, and also the Final Safety Form

✸We submitted our Judging Form

✸We created and documented the Biobrick Page on the Registry , with the novel parts we built for our CRISPeasy toolbox

✸We sent DNA samples of our new parts to the Registry

✸The new biobricks parts? They work

✸We worked together with 26 iGEM teams, collaborating with them at the best that we could.

✸We validated a useful software tool, our protocol repository iProGRAm

✸We described that our work is safe, responsible and good for the world!

✸We have analysed and integrated issues from the Human Practices into the design and execution of the project and, using our novel laboratory approach, we have solved some of the community’s demands.

✸We improved a BioBrick part

✸The modelling was carefully planned about our project’s design.

✸Our project works, and here is how!