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Meet the members!


If you were a BioBrick, which behaviour would you codify?

Ingrid Correia

23 yo, Biotechnology student

"The OXT gene wich synthesizes the Oxytocin-neuropgysin 1"

Joseana Comodaro

18 yo, Biotechnology student

"A gene encoding the mCherry fluorescent protein!!"

Juliana Vitoriano

20 yo, Biotechnology student

"Antibiotic resistance gene"

Raquel Silva

20 yo, Biotechnology student

"Gene that encodes a heat-labile repressor protein"

Math People

Which equation would you be?

Maria Cecília

21 yo, Pharmacy student

"Michaelis-Menten formula!"

Anderson Oliveira

22y, free soul


Software People

Which programming language you would be?

Pedro Iunes

21 yo, Computer Engineering student

"Python, because although it is a new programming language it has lots of potential and it is growing each year."

Rafael Trindade

22 yo, Computer Engineering student

"I don’t identify myself with any program language, but I can compare me with an android operating system. I can have a bug over here and over there, but get along with everyone."

Yago Marialva

23 yo, Computer Engineering student

"Java, because it can be quite slow to work with, but with effort it fits various functions :)"

Human Practices People

If you were a work you would be...?

Adriely Lemos

21 yo, Medical student

"Hard question. I like countless works, mainly romances, not only because they are well written, but because they somehow connect with what I feel for people, as the film Pride and Prejudice."

Dominique Valente

21 yo, Pharmacy student

"Alice in Wonderland - it is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read, I like it very much, mainly because it’s full of inexplicable mysteries and totally out of the usual. And also for being a book quite inspiring, for telling the story of Alice going through many adventures, completely unusual for women of the time it was written,"

Julie Loiola

20 yo, Medical student

"Titanic, because it has adventure, romance and drama, things that I love."

Wlademir Salgado

22 yo, Biotechnology student

"The Hobbit, because like Bilbo Baggins I'm just small guy trying to mind my own business."

The Design People

What are the shape and color of your design triat?

Amanda Rocha

I love drawing, I’m a good friend that enjoys learning,
which that I’m getting to do very much while in iGEM!

"My shape is a circle, with ascendant in the orange color, because
I’m very communicative, joyful, anxious and because I love novelty."

Mariana Franco

I’m 19 yo and I want to do all the things in the world at once,
I never get to keep focused in only one thing for much time!

"According to Buzzfeed my aura’s color is turquoise and I would say that
my shape is that of a triangle, because it is dynamic and unstable, two traits that I identify with."

The Advisors

Which programming language you would be?

Isaac Guerreiro

25 yo, Journalist and undergraduate student in Software Engineer

"Javascript. Modern, creative and full of functions."

Pablo Viana

31 yo, B.Sc. in Computer Science and undergrad student in Biotechnology

"I would be pure C, because even being one of the first general-purpose languages it hasn’t aged, and even with all new stuff going on, when you want something to be done fast and simple, it is your call."

The Instructors

Maria Clara

20 yo. 25% of life being iGEMer. Biotechnology undergrad student.

synthetic biology principles == true
complex genetic circuits (e.g., many logic gates)== true
print "Clara will love it!" "

Elen Bethleen

Mother and PCR queen.

The PI's

If you were a BioBrick, which behaviour would you codify?

Jerusa Araújo

33 yo, PhD in Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology

"Metabolics pathways and beers

Spartaco Astolfi

65yo, Genetic engeneering professor

"Also known as “Brazilian genetic engineering daddy”
. He knows by heart many restriction enzymes sites sequences."