Peter Wang: student leader, experiments, communications, human practice
Mat Xiao: experiments leads, project design, experiments design, wiki writing, BioBricks
Honghao Su: academic leads, experiments, project design, modeling, wiki writing, collaborations
Sammy Chen: public promotion leads, human practice, art design, wiki writing, experiments
Zixin Xiao: human practice, experiments
Yolanda Liu: human practice, researches, experiments
Lucinda Lin: human practice, wiki design, experiments, collaborations Tianming Yin: experiments, video editting
Xiao Wang: researches, experiments, human practice, BioBricks
Shangyi Zhu: researches, experiments
Kelvin Xiao: experiments
Yuanduo Zhao: experiments

Special thanks to our two incredible instructors, Mr. Wang and Miss Zhang, who provided lots of support for us.


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