- carried out integrated human practice which assist us in product design
- improved previous parts and project
- created a suitable model in our project and demonstrated it fully on wiki


- designed new BioBrick Parts, filled in the Part’s Registry entry, and submitted samples of parts to theRegistry
- collaborated with several iGEM teams to help each other on experiments, modeling, and human practice events.
- carried out multiple human practice events on education, public engagement, academic exchange, product design, and biosafety to put our project in social context.


-We registered for iGEM, had a great summer, and attended the Saint Jamboree - meet all deliverables on the requirements page
- All team members have contributed to our project and attributions page is completed.
- Participated in the Interlab Measurement Study.
- Improved the characterization an existing BioBrick Parts

We have worked hard on these special prizes as well!
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