BGIC_Union iGEM team 2017 is a steady, sympathetic and honorable group of twelve passionate young Chinese students studying in different countries in the world. We worked together for the past several months with the guidance and support provided by our instructors, Mr. Wang Boxiang and Ms.Zhang.


Peter Wang

Student leader
My name is Peter and I’m from Shanghai. I’m the student leader in my team and this is not an easy work because I need to make sure the whole team are striving for the same goal step by step. So my work covered from every part of our project to all kinds of mission assign. Thanks for the chance that my other team member gave me, now I do better on how to be a leader.

Mat Xiao

I’m Mat.
I am in charge of experiments and project design.
Maybe I am the one who spent longest time in the lab. Orz

Honghao Su

Hello everyone, I am Honghao Su from Shandong Experimental High School. I am a senior 3 student and I am going to major in genetics and molecular biology in college. In the team, my main responsibilities are designing the project, carrying out protein experiments, modeling, and searching for collaborations. Participating in the iGEM project in team BGIC-Union, I have experienced the process of a true scientific research project and I have found the great potentials of synthetic biology in various applications.

Sammy Chen

Hi there, I am Sammy from Morton Hall School, UK. As the leader of public promotion, my role included holding human practice events and designing promotional materials. After handing in countless drafts of poster, now I understand the pain and struggle to be a designer lead. It is my honor to work with my teammates and I cannot imagine how plain this year could be without BGIC-Union.

Zixin Xiao

Hi,I am Xiao and you can also call me Lucy~ The last year for IGEM is a year of trying everything.From a green hand in molecular cloning and protein purification to a so-called sophisticated lab assistant with countless “dark past”, I learned one thing from it: the more careful you are, the better your experiments’ results you will get. Meeting so many interesting team members here really impress me well.And IGEM let me get to know what the path towards biology look like.It’s just like the running of Haruki murakami, only constant effort brings success. I help with the experiments in molecular cloning and protein purification and participate in some parts of Human Practice.

Yolanda Liu

My name is Yuhan Liu. I graduated from St. Margarets School in Jun.2017. Now, I'm studying in University of Guelph. In the team, I usually read some articles and search information for the team. I also attended human practice activities with my teammates in summer.

Lucinda Lin

Someone who can understand that despite the fact that uploading wiki is kinda excruciating, the documents very useful info. and is IGEM newbies-friendly.
Someone who is sttrugling to figure out how to properly utilize the time in the lab efficiently.
Someone who has never considered herself capable of participating in HP until the she joined BGIC-Union.

Tianming Yin

My name is Jerry.
Just an ordinary experimenter☆.
Someone who spent most of his vacation in the lab.

Xiao Wang

Participated in experiments during July and October and dealt with part of the molecular cloning and protein purification experiments.
The designer and painter of the team
Creators of the team postcards.
Wrote part of the wechat articles and organized fund-raisings

Shangyi Zhu

I'm Shangyi Zhu, a sophmore in Deerfield Academy. Passionate towards biology, I devote myself in BGIC-Union working as an experimentor, writer and article translator.

Kelvin Xiao

Hi, I am Xiao Zhiwen. You can call me Kevin. 15 years old this year. I am from Guangdong, China. I studied at U-link college in the south of Guangzhou. As a member in BGIC-Union, I am responsible for doing the experiments in order to support our theories. Except for the main tasks. In addition, I help to do some wiki-writing, data comprehension tasks and exchange some project information with other iGEM teams.

Yuanduo Zhao

Name: Yuanduo Zhao
School: San Diego Jewish Academy
My role: Constructing Biobricks and experiments during June to August


Diol Wang

Wang Boxiang,Senior Lecturer of BGI-college,team instructor

Dorothy Zhang

Team Instructor, Director of Funtomake Space, BGI College