• ✔️Registered the team, had a great summer, and plan to have fun at the Giant Jamboree.
  • ✔️Completed our team wiki.
  • ✔️Completed the Attributions page.Click here.
  • ✔️Plan to present a poster for our project and talk at the Giant Jamboree.
  • ✔️Completed the Safety Forms.
  • ✔️Completed the Judging Form.
  • ✔️Completed the Part pages and submitted our part samples to Registry.
  • ✔️Improved a previous part Part Number(s): BBa_K2368029 BBa_K2368026 BBa_K2368027


  • ✔️Designed at least one new standard BioBrick Part that is central to our project and submitted these part to the iGEM Registry. Part Number(s):BBa_K2368003
  • ✔️Collaboration with other iGEM teams.Click here.
  • ✔️Human Practice-silver:Thought carefully and creatively about whether our work was safe, responsible and good for the world.Click here.


  • ✔️Integrated the investigated issues into the design and execution of our project.Click here.
  • ✔️Improved the function of an existing BioBrick Part. Part number(s): BBa_K2368029 BBa_K2368026 BBa_K2368027
  • ✔️Our project's implementation was based on insight we have gained from modeling.Click here.
  • ✔️Our project worked under the real-world condition.Click here.