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The competition was organized at Beijing National Day School by Ms. Xiaoling Yao, Dr. Ruoting Tao, and Zhongxiu Hu with the help from Haoqian Zhang and Yihao Zhang. Yantong Wang, Kuo Zhang, Yiyang Li, Yifei Yu, Hongliang Xiong, Zhuoyi Yang, Hao Wang, Yixin Huang, Kaiwen Dou, and Xilin Yang were recruited in March, 2017.

The topic of our project was a result of numerous group discussions. Every member played a role in determining a part of our project. Parts are designed by Zhongxiu Hu, Zhuoyi Yang, Xilin Yang, and Yantong Wang. More specifically, Zhongxiu Hu is in charge of designing the function of circuits; Xilin Yang and Zhuoyi Yang help with finding Ribosomal Binding Sites (RBS); Yantong Wang helps with adding protein analyzing elements on circuits. Yantong Wang designed all experiments involved in protein detection, and Zhuoyi Yang was in charged of the majority testing GABA concentration via Amino Acid Analyzer (AAA).

Every member had conducted experiments (more detail, see Notebook), wrote wiki, and helped with presentation. The detailed allocation of wiki writing is shown below:

Zhuoyi Yang PROJECT Result and Demonstration
Xilin Yang PARTS
Yantong Wang PROJECT Experiment; H. PRACTICE Questionnaire
Zhongxiu Hu PROJECT Description; Notebook; Contribution & Improvement; Attribution
Yifei Yu PROJECT Model; AWARD Model
Yixin Huang H. PRACTICE STS & Imaginist
Yiyang Li Yogurt Factory
Kaiwen Dou Club
Kuo Zhang Street Science
Hao Wang H. PRACTICE Interview with professors

Our wiki drafts were written in Word and Kaiwen Dou translated them into html later. The overarching frame work of our wiki was designed by Hongliang Xiong.

Yifei Yu was in charge of designing the mathematic model that optimize our enzyme’s performance. He was also our accountant, while Zhongxiu Hu booked hotels for the team and Hao Wang ordered reagent.

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