Team:BNDS China/Collaborations


With PKU

All experiments were conducted at Peking University with team PKU. Team members from Peking University provided us many beneficial suggestions on experiment designing, inspiring us to solve problems. Without their help, we would not be able to complete all of our experiments with the same efficiency.


We lent the lab shaker to team UCAS since our campuses are very close to each other.

With SHSBNU_China

We shared our unique E. coli strain, E. coli Nissle 1917, with team SHSBNU_China, enabling them to realize their test in human gut.

Special Thanks

There are many institutes and people that helped us overcome many obstacles.

The microbiology technology company, Bluepha, has provided us technical support. Especially Haoqian Zhang, Bluepha’s CTO, leads us to a more mature circuit design as well as a logical presentation. He also lent us a HPLC though we did not use it to measure the final result.

National Institute of Metrology lent us the Amino Acid Analyzer that allowed us to measure the concentration of GABA. Their instructions enabled us to measure GABA with higher precision and efficiency.

Mr. Kai Sheng Hee from NUS Synthetic Biology for Clinical and Technological Innovation (SynCTI) shared us E. coli Nissle 1917, which is our main chassis.

Yan Wang from Maryland University helped us with illustrating icons.

Tsing Hua University Laboratory of Structural Biology helped us with our induction, ultrasound bacteria lysis, protein purification, SDS-PAGE and most of the protein-related process.

Our instructors, Miss Xiaoling Yao, Dr. David Brackett, Dr. Ruoting Tao, and Mr. Yihao Zhang have given us many great suggestions on project design. Mr. Zhang helped us specially on experiment conduction and problem solving. Dr. Brackett proofed read all of our wiki contents and helped us with academic writing. Miss Yao and Dr. Tao gave us many suggestions on our presentation.

We are also thankful for School TV Station and Imaginist, the school magazine for facilitating us promoting iGEM and our team.

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