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Team Baltimore Bio-crew

Meet the Team



Sarah Laun

Sarah Laun is the Lab and Program Manager at Baltimore Underground Science Space.I was born and raised in Baltimore, and have worked in Baltimore for the last 12 years in molecular biology.


Lisa Schifele

Lisa Scheifele is a molecular biologist and geneticist and Associate Professor at Loyola University Maryland. She is a founder of Baltimore Underground Science Space and has lived in Baltimore for 13 years.



Ella Coleman

Hello! My name is Ella Coleman and I’m a senior homeschool student. This is my second year of participating in the iGEM competition. I am very passionate about helping the environment, and I love learning about synthetic biology and working in the lab. I also like playing the guitar and practicing martial arts. I joined the Baltimore Bio-Crew after being inspired by another iGEM team's presentation at our community lab.


Naige Correal-Winters

Hi, my name is Naige Correal-Winters. I am a junior at Centennial High School. I am not quite sure what I want to do in the future. I joined the Baltimore Biocrew after finding BUGSS while working on a project with CRISPR, and I learned about the team and what they are doing to help Baltimore harbor.


Aleem Prince

Sawadee Kha, my name is Aleem Prince. I am a senior at Patterson High school. In the future, I would like to become a computer programmer or a game designer. I visited BUGSS on a field trip with Building STEPS and I saw a presentation of the Baltimore Biocrew’s project. The project was focused on the Inner Harbor - the first place I visited when I came to America - hence, I decided to join. I wasn’t a big fan of biology. However, I want many people to enjoy and make memories at the Inner Harbor as I did.


Zion Smith

Hey, my name is Zion Smith and I am a Junior at Baltimore City College High School. I would like to pursue Pre-medical studies in college and hopefully move on to medical school and become an acute care surgeon. I love science, health, and the environment and I am constantly looking for ways to contribute to my passions. BUGSS is a place where many issues within the environment and the health of Baltimore can be tackled. I joined the Baltimore Bio-Crew not only because I enjoy biology, but also because of the great work that is being done in the lab. I hope to continue working on ways to impact the environment of my city in a positive way!


Shatera McNair

Hello, my name is Shatera McNair, and I’m a full IB senior at The Baltimore City College. I aspire to be a family physician and to work in public health, but The Baltimore Biocrew’s project last year inspired me to join and explore the unfamiliar research aspect of health with the goal of eliminating the environmental negativity in the heart of our city. I never imagined I would have the privilege to have such a powerful and direct impact on my community while using the materials I learned in science and in the lab!


Mercedes Ferandes

My name is Mercedes Ferandes and I am a junior at Bard High School Early College. I have aspirations of being a physician in the future, as well as advocating for those who face health disparities in my community. I joined the Baltimore BioCrew because I saw the harmful effects that plastic had on the citizens of Baltimore and knew that something should be done about it.


Mercedes Thompson

I'm Mercedes Thompson and I was born and raised in Baltimore. I have worked with the National Aquarium during the summer for over six years, so marine biology has always been a passion of mine, as is the Inner Harbor. I'm a senior at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, and I intend to study biology in college.