Team:CGU Taiwan/HP/Silver

iGem CGU_Taiwan 2017 - Collaborations

Study Enzyme Deinking From Dr. Su, Yu-Chang

To study enzyme deinking method, we have visited Dr. Su, Yu-Chang, an expert of dendrochemistry in National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan. Dr. Su had advised us several kinds of enzymes which are able to degrade cellulose and hemicellulose, and shared the experimental conditions that had been applied on enzymes in his research with us, which became a great help for the construction of our process. During the interview, we also had a tour to Dr. Su’s laboratory which equipped with small scale paper making machines. Later we established our own paper making process according to the learning from Dr. Su.

Participate in 2017 Science Carnival !

Participating in 2017 Science Carnival provided us a great opportunity to educate the public. We wanted to make people understand the importance of fiber preservation, and how we achieve high preservation ratio through using enzymes to deink. Popularizing our design and let people value timber resource, we need people to put environmental protection into practice.

Collaboration and Meet-up with iGEM teams

2012 TU Munich In the last design of our project, we contacted 2012 TU Munich to learn about their red light induced system biobricks. Through meetings, we gradually understand their original design. We appreciate 2012 TU Munich for giving us many advices of how we improve the biobricks. Lastly, we optimize the protein codon and reverse the direction of protein expression.