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Throughout our project we created several software tools to make our work faster and easier.

Synthetic Biology Bot

Synthetic Biology Bot is a free, open-source app that runs on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. It helps scientists look up parts from the registry, reads step-by-step protocol instructions and can lookup other iGEM teams.

Toehold Switch Tools

A simple web-based tool that can create a toehold switch candidate for a given strand of miRNA, automating the predetermined regions.

Fluorometer and Densitometer Interpreter

Created as part of our hardware project, the interpreter runs in the browser to communicate with and process the results of our cheap and portable combined fluorometer and densitometer.


We built several models in MATLAB and also created interactive JavaScript-based versions of the mass-action kinetics model for our design team and a cost model for the human practices team. They also serve as great tools in explaining the model to other people.