Synthetic Biology Bot Privacy Policy

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What information is collected?

User queries are held only for a matter of seconds in order to return the requested information. In some circumstances the app may remember contexts, e.g. what protocol you were looking at, for a longer period. Otherwise, step-by-step instructons would never be able to remember what protocol you were going through (duh).

The app uses third party services that may collect information used to identify you. These are listed in the 'What information is shared?' section.

How is the information used?

Information is used solely to answer user queries, e.g. when you ask to search for a part on the iGEM Registry, the app will send the part name to iGEM to get the information for that part and return the response to you.

What information is shared?

Data is only shared with parties that are relevant to the app's function.

Privacy policies of service providers necessary for the app:

Google Assistant:

Amazon Alexa:

The app also uses iGEM's and Protocat's APIs, although these sites do not have privacy policies.

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