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Team:CSMU NCHU Taiwan/Notebook/Medal Criteria

Medal Criteria

This year iGEM CSMU_NCHU debuts the iGEM competition, completing all the requirements of the iGEM medal criteria, as listed below.

  • Registered for iGEM, planned to attend the Giant Jamboree
  • Documented our project
  • Attributed our work correctly
  • Created and documented Parts page on the Registry
  • Submitted DNA samples to the Registry
  • Completed safety forms about our lab, about our project and our final safety form
  • Completed the judging form
  • Complete interlab study
  • Submitted validated parts
  • Collaboration with other iGEM teams
  • Successfully partcipated in Human Practices
  • Integrated Human Practices
  • Improve previous part or project: We improved a T7 promtore with RBS by adding a sequence in it.
    We also modified the widely used RFP by removing the barcode after its sequence, and did codon optimization for E.coli as a better part for fusion protein.
  • Model our project:We did protein structure simulation and molecular docking to assist our fusion protein design. And moleded its expression quantity with time.
  • Demonstrate: We successfully engineered a fusion protein Thioredoxin-MSMEG5998 that worked better than MSMEG_5998 alone, and proved its degrading ability in room & body temperature.


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