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Team:CSMU NCHU Taiwan/Software




To maximize the use of our test strip, we created an app to detect test results, allow uploading of food information onto a cloud database for storage and management, as well as an online website platform that enables producers to log in to check whether there are any reported problems with their products to take immediate action and solve problems as soon as possible.

Other than collection of information and data, we also created a forum, so that users can discuss food safety issues on our platform through their mobile phones, increasing public awareness on food safety and creating such a community.

How does it work?

Step 1: Turn on camera to take photo of test strip, then upload

Step 2: Scan the barcode with camera

Step 3: Select purchase date and date manufactured

Step 4: Press confirm upload

Is it open source?

We used Android Studioas a platform for development, a complete code is placed on github for reference and modification.

What is "toxintalk.com"?

Toxintalk.com is a website that allows producers and companies to search for their own products and check for any problems. Companies can find their products after users upload any information about the products onto the platform. Every company or manufacturer can create their own accounts. To protect privacy and confidential information, companies can only log in to their specific account to search for their own items. This is to prevent leakage of information, to save companies and manufacturers from credential problems.


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