Team:CSU Fort Collins/Attributions


Tom Santangelo lab for Thermococcus kodakarensis protocols, supplies, and guidance

Christie Peeble's Lab for use of their lab and assistance with some protocols

Jacob Sebesta for assistance with the liquid liquid extraction protocol and for running the Gas Chromatagraph for the team.

Claudia Gentry Weeks for teaching a biological research methods seminar

Tom Santangelo for assistance with hotel booking

SLICE Office for assistance with booking flights

SLICE travel grant, College of Engineering, and C2B2

CSU’s synthetic biology club is an independent, volunteer organization. New members were recruited in Febuary, with weekly meetings covering topics such as synthetic biology, Limonene, Thermococcus kodakarensis, and paper presentations.

A two day lab methods seminar was held in April taught by advisor Claudia Gentry-Weeks.

Laboratory work in the Santangelo lab started in May.


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