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Meet The Team

Madeline Cox


Madeline is a third year Microbiology student at CSU. She is originally from Houston, TX. She joined the team during 2016 and this will be her first time attending the Giant Jamboree in Boston. Her future plans include getting a Ph.D in Microbiology and studying immunology or infectious disease.

Courntney Robertson


Courtney Robertson is originally from Monterey, California. She first heard about iGEM from her TA for a microbiology lab who was the president of CSU's team. She plans on working in infectious disease research after she receives her B.S. in microbiology.

Neil Rettedal

Neil Rettedal is a microbiology major in his junior year that plans to continue studying genetic engineering after his B.S. He grew up in Colorado, and spent 5 years in the United States Marine Corps prior to pursuing his degree. He has always been fascinated by life at its smallest size, and joined the team to further his understanding of this and to get experence with gene editing.

Kayla Oliver

Kayla is a self professed nerd, with interests in science, fencing, and wargames. Kayla is a junior in CSU’s chemical and biological engineering program. She decided to do iGEM out of a lifelong desire to tinker around with genetic biology.

Carlos Juarez

Carlos is a junior at Colorado State University, pursuing a degree in Microbiology. He has always harbored and fostered a fascination for the natural world and its facilitation of life. IGEM offered an excellent way to explorer the vast intricacies of this relationship and to forge its future conditions.

Science Advisors

Tom Santangelo

Department: Biochemistry and molecular biology

Mechanisms and regulation of archaeal transcription

Dr. Christie Peebles

Department: Chemical & Biological Engineering

Research focus: Metabolic Engineering, Synechocystis tools

Claudia Gentry-Weeks

Department: Microbiology

Bacterial Pathogenesis, Diagnostic Microbiology