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The Cardiff iGEM team members each had distinct but flexible roles in the team. Here they are documented briefly, but more detail about what each member did can be seen on the diary page. Also, we had a great deal of help from other people, including supervisors, lab owners, other researchers, friends, and even company CEOs! These are also all documented here.

The Team Roles

Sarah Clinton: Largely in control of all aspects of human outreach and collaboration, but took part in some lab work too. Sarah looked after the plants with Jade.

Ryan Coates: Mostly carried out lab work, wiki design and modelling. Ryan was one of the 'stores' people, which involved picking up deliveries and placing orders for new lab equipment.

Niall Coates: Having worked in labs previously, Niall took part in lab work almost exclusively. Niall was in charge of sequencing.

Jade Hughes: Partook mostly in lab work, but also looked after the plants with Sarah, and made competent cells with Tom.

Helen Davies: Most of Helen's time during iGEM was spent doing lab work, writing up protocols for the protocols page, sequencing, and leading health and safety.

Tom Sage: Tom mostly carried out lab work, but also was a 'stores guy', managed the liquid nitrogen, and made competent cells with Jade.

Emily Heath: Carried out lab work almost exclusively and was another 'stores' person.

The Supervisors

Dr. Geraint Parry: The man most in contact with the team. Geraint was the main team supervisor, and was in charge of designing primer sequences, ordering the expensive parts, and generally giving advice about how to overcome scientific problems we encountered. Geraint initially organised the team, and led the Cardiff iGEM team.

Dr. Amit Jathoul: Amit was able to give scientific advice when needed and advised the team on how to approach the human practices section early on. He helped with the lab work in Professor Jim Murray's lab after our official 10 week lab period was over.

Dr. Daniel Pass: Dan was able to give the team scientific advice, and offered his help for any wiki problems that were encountered. He attended every meeting with the team to give advice on future steps, and documentation.

Jamie Long: Jamie was able to assist with our luciferase assays and offered very useful scientific advice and suggested some alternate methods when science inevitably did not go to plan!

Other Attributions

Dewi the Dragon: Cardiff iGEM Mascot, providing comfort and emotional support during the times when things did not work in the lab.

Rob Newman: Cardiff 2016 Team member for help with cloning

The Cardiff Bioscience Teaching lab staff: For providing lab space and equipment for our summer research

Professor Colin Dayan: For discussing about Graves' disease and the potential of our project

Dr Philip Cater and Dr Nicholas Holton: Azargen CEO, who gave us advice about plant biofactories, their advantages, and a long list of reading that was used to show that scaling up is easy and linear.

Anne Shiraishi: Communications Manager for Medicago, provided us information about plant biotechnology companies and the challenges they face from scientific papers, and told us about the experiences they face with the public perception of GM pharmaceuticals.

Dr Andrew Williams: Cardiff University Philosophy Lecturer who gave advice about the ethics involved in genetic modification, and how to approach the public about it.

Dr Dominic Berry: Gave us advice about how to present in Boston, and how to approach the human practices side of the project.

Dr Fiona Wyllie: Organised all the human outreach events.

Dr Joanne Kilby: Helped provide equipment in Professor Jim Murray's lab, and most importantly kept our Nicotiana benthamiana plants alive after our 10 week lab work had finished.

Dr Glen Sweeney: Helped us with some science in the lab, such as getting better gel qualities, and improved staining techniques, as well as advice about gene constructs.

Dr Mark Young: Spared us some coomassie blue for our higher quality protein gels.

Professor Jim Murray: Let us use his lab after our 10 weeks of lab time had run out!

University of Westminster, UCL and Warwick University iGEM teams: Hosted the UK iGEM Meetup

Henry Vowles: Computerised our logo.


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