Team:Cardiff Wales/Team Luc

Team Luciferase

Team Luciferase consisted of Tom and Jade.

Their objective was to isolate various level 0 parts that would be used in subsequent level 1 gene constructs and to measure the gene expression of two standard promoters.

These promotors were the constitutive 35S promoter, and the inducible LexA promoter. Team Luciferase successfully prepared level 0 parts (NosT, 35S, LexA, GFP, XVE) from stocks and transformed various parts from the iGEM registry. Importantly the team were solely responsible for making and testing the viability of competent E.coli , which were to be used by the other sub teams, as well as the making of protein gels for general use. The team was involved in the preparation and infiltration of Agrobacterium into Nicotiana benthamiana .

One construct that was successfully infiltrated was the 35S-Luc+-NosT construct. A luciferin assay experiment was conducted to test this construct. This involved testing the effect of different concentrations of luciferin on Agrobacterium-construct infiltrated leaf disc samples. This can be seen on the results page.

Tom was also chief liquid nitrogen lad, which he greatly enjoyed.


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