Team:Cardiff Wales/bronzefulfilment

Accomplishing Bronze Medal Criteria


1. Register and attend: We registered our team of seven students and we’re all very much looking forward to the Jamboree!

2. Deliverables: We completed all of the required deliverables, including but not limited to creating this Wiki, submitted our banner, creating a poster, developing our presentation, and sent DNA samples of our new Parts to the registry.

3. Attribution:

We hugely benefited from our interactions with a wide range of excellent people both in Cardiff and beyond. These are all mentioned in attributions page.

4. Characterisation/Contribution: We have assessed the function of these existing Phytobricks:

35S-OTMV promotor

Nos Terminator

Due to an unfortunate mix up we did not submit our Judging form on time. However our analysis of these parts fulfill the Bronze requirement.

These have been included within the level 1 35S:LUC+:NosT phytobrick construct (BBa_K2404013) demonstrating expression of LUC+ in tobacco expression system.


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