Team:Cardiff Wales/silverfulfilment

Accomplishing Silver Medal Criteria


1. Collaboration: We have greatly enjoyed interacting with iGEM teams from around the World and we generated an important piece of data for the team from the the University of Exeter. In addition we had useful discussions about each others projects with the Valencia and WashU teams. These interactions are documented on our collaborations page.

2. Human Practices: We have engaged in a number of outreach events to publicise the potential of plant synthetic biology. These have included University Open days, school and public events.
In addition we conducted a survey that assessed public attitudes to the use of genetically modified organisms for food or medicine. These are outlined on our public outreach and survey pages. We also extensively communicated with professional plant bio-technologists for insight into using plants as a biofactory. This information was incorporated into our modelling.

3. Validated Parts: We have generated a set of biobricks that contain a novel set of plant promotors in the Phytobrick standard. These are outlined on our parts page. We tested these parts by expressing the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone antagonist (TSH) in the tobacco leaf expression system. These parts are outlined on our composite parts pages and our attempts to express these proteins are outlined on the Results page as well as in our lab diary.

Due to an unfortunate mix up we did not submit our Judging form on time. However the generation of these novel basic and composite parts fulfill the Silver requirement.
Please ask any questions about this during the poster sessions.


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