Chalmers Gothenburg iGEM 2017


Although most of the work was made by the team, we would never have come as far as we did without some help along the way. We want to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank all the people who in various ways have contributed with their knowledge to this project!

Principal Investigators

Dr. Verena Siewers

Verena Siewers is a project leader at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering in the Systems and Synthetic Biology Group. Her main research interest is the application of yeast as a cell factory for sustainable production of a variety of chemicals as well as advanced biofuels. Verena Siewers is the main supervisor and was always available for questions and help throughout the project.

Prof. Ivan Mijakovic

Director of the Chalmers Life Science Engineering Area of Advance and professor at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering. He and his group are researching signaling and regulation in bacterial cells, focusing in particular on regulatory phenomena based on protein phosphorylation.


Raphael Ferreira & David Bergenholm, PhD students

Our instructors Raphael and David provided a great support in the laboratory by explaining methods and interpreting results. Their help was crucial for the progression of the project.

Other teams

The biggest inspiration to creating our biosensor was the iGEM team TU Delft of 2012. Their way of using GPCRs and the olfactory system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae to detect methyl nicotinate in tuberculosis patients was what first that gave us the idea to our design. St. Mark's School of Texas iGEM Team project of 2014 gave inspiration to direct the project to focus on lung cancer. iGEM Lund and iGEM Uppsala helped us by sharing our survey on Facebook.


Tommy Björk

As the chairman of the patient society Lungcancerförbundet Stödet, Tommy Björk helped us gain insight in the patient’s situation and brought up important ethical issues regarding a potential screening program.

Martin Boström

Martin was, together with Dóra Vitay, responsible for the wiki in the Chalmers Gothenburg team of 2016. Martin contributed by giving a quick crash-course in html and giving all the code from last year to us to use as a template when designing our own wiki.

iGEM team Chalmers Gothenburg 2016

The Chalmers team of 2016 helped us in the choice and design of the project and by sharing their knowledge from previous year.

Chalmers University of Technology

The university helped sharing our message by filming our project and by sharing our survey in their channels.

Gustaf Edman

Gustaf Edman shared with us the knowledge he gained from iGEM in previous years. Above all he gave us the idea with the loxP-flip that we included in the design of our biosensor.

Dr. Carl Johan Franzén

Dr. Carl Johan Franzén, Associate Professor at Industrial Biotechnology, Chalmers University of Technology, helped us in discussions regarding our prototype and gave us inputs on the design and potential problems and benefits.

David Hansson

David Hansson helped us creating our prototype by giving feedback on the design and 3D-printing it.

Svante Höjer at PExA

Svante Höjer was very generous with his time and explained PExAs general method of detection and lead us into interesting discussions about the prototype.

Dr. Hirsch Koyi

We found Dr Koyi through his involvement in bringing forth a model for how a screening program could be implemented in the nordic countries. During a skype meeting he gave us a lot of advice about our biosensor and how a screening program could be designed around our device. His enthusiasm for our project gave us a lot of energy.

Prof. Lisbeth Olsson & Prof. Jens Nielsen

Lisbeth Olsson, head of Industrial Biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology and Jens Nielsen, head of Systems and Synthetic Biology at Chalmers University of Technology gave us the opportunity of letting us use the department’s equipment and facilities. Prof. Lisbeth Olsson also provided us with an office during the summer.

Prof. Per Sunnerhagen

With his knowledge in yeast culturing, Prof. Per Sunnerhagen gave us valuable inputs on how the prototype could be designed regarding mating of yeast in culture or on a plate.

Aina Törnblom

Aina Törnblom at Cancerfonden contributed, above all, with her positive view of our project. She also gave us a lot of ideas of people to contact, including Tommy Björk.