Chalmers Gothenburg iGEM 2017


iGEM Lund

We participated in Lunds university’s 350 year jubilee by engaging with the public through a series of popular science talks. The topics included the history of synthetic biology and genetics, what synthetic biology is, what it could be used for in the future, ethics as well as our own project. Advancing and promoting the responsible research of synthetic biology lies within the core values of our group.
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iGEM Uppsala

The group partook and contributed to a global iGEM team discussion regarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) broadcasted live on social media. See the video here.
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In July, we received a request for help from team iGEM Bilkent-UNAMBG. They wanted to model their biosensor for detecting VOCs. However, they did not have any experience with either using MATLAB or modeling using ODEs. Therefore, we provided them with support through skype-meetings, MATLAB code and resources for how to find parameters for their biosensor.

Together with iGEM Bilkent-UNAMBG, we conducted a survey covering the public opinion about a mass screening program in both Turkey and Sweden. The results from each country could then be compared to analyze differences in the public opinion about mass screening strategies and how this should be financed. The results of the survey can be found under Human practices, integrated human practices.
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The DTU BioBuilders 2017 hosted a Biobrick workshop during the spring for the Nordic iGEM teams. The scope of the workshop was to introduce all teams to the Biobrick standard, get a feel of working with it in the laboratory and get to know the other iGEM teams. During the weekend, different lectures were held that all contributed to a better understanding of Biobricks and iGEM in general. It was an educational weekend and we had a lot of fun getting to know the other iGEM teams. The weekend was a great success and gave a great foundation for both collaboration and fun during other meetups and our projects.


In June, UNIK-Copenhagen hosted the Nordic iGEM Conference (NiC) in Copenhagen. During the weekend, the teams connected and shared their projects with the other Nordic teams. We presented our project at the mini-Jamboree, where the requirements set by iGEM Headquarters were in focus. The mini-Jamboree gave us the opportunity to get a feel of the big iGEM competition in Boston and refine our projects. Besides the mini-Jamboree and two workshops there was also time for social activities for the participating teams.

Parts improvement

Our biobrick BBa_K2329000 is an improvement of the earlier biobrick part BBa_K740000 from team Tsinghua-A 2012. The improvement of the cre-lox recombinase system was done by changing the loxP site from reversible switch to a non-reversible switch with the help of a mutated form of the LoxP sites. The new mutant loxP sites (lox66 and lox71) have shown great success since the direction of the promoter did not flip back. Read more about the part improvement under Achievements, biobricks.