Chalmers Gothenburg iGEM 2017


Before entering the laboratory, all team members took part in a safety lecture held by the lab manager at the Systems and Synthetic Biology department at Chalmers University of Technology. During this lecture, the team learned how to handle chemicals and waste in the lab, how to react in case of accidents or emergencies as well as general behavior in the laboratory. The lecture included a tour of the laboratory where all the safety equipment were introduced. During the laboratory tour all the responsible research engineers were present and gave introductions to the different lab equipments they are responsible for.

As a safety measurement, each team member read the materials safety data sheet (MSDS) for the materials used and the KLARA risk assessments of the machines handled during the summer. We then had to write and sign a risk declaration and hand to the lab manager, to testify that one had taken part of this information and gain access to the laboratory. All mentioned documents can be found on this page.

Safety documents

Risk declarations

To truly ensure that all students took part in writing and carefully reading through the risk declarations, the project was split in two separate declarations to clarify what experiments contain what risks. Since we decided to do the Interlab study, a separate risk declaration was made for that specific purpose.

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

Here you can find the MSDS for the most harmful, thus most important chemicals we've handeled during our time in the lab.

KLARA Risk assessments