Chalmers Gothenburg iGEM 2016

Isabel Runneberger
Team Leader
Amanda Ristinmaa
Team Leader
Julia Larsson
Wet lab, modeling and wiki

Third year Biotech Bsc student who will take a master in Engineering Mathematics. Joined iGEM to get more experience the lab, since I’m leaving that world behind soon. Took the honorable position as wiki-master when no one else could. I think I did a decent work.


Julia Jonsson
Wetlab, Social media, Funding
Sofie Gunnarsson
Wetlab, Funding
Elin Johansson
Wetlab, Human practices
Tuva Wegnelius
Wetlab, Human practices
Linnea Kristenson
Wetlab, Human Practises
Tove Widén
Wetlab, Human practices
Alex Hedin
Wetlab, Human practices
Angelo Limeta
Wetlab, modeling