University of Waterloo
We provided cloning expertise to their wet lab team, to help specifically with primer design. Our figure can be found here. We filled out their survey which was sent around to see if 3D printing could be used as a cost-effective way to make lab equipment.
They welcomed us into their lab space and created an open area to discuss the details of our projects currently, and in the future. They gave us priceless training in the building of functional metagenomic libraries and told us about the magic cloning helper Guanosine.

University of Toronto
We answered questions about our iGEM team over skype to help them create a podcast series on iGEM.
They filled out an in-depth questionnaire on science communication to help us get insight from a young group of scientists.

University of Calgary/Canadian iGEM
We provided the University of Calgary iGEM team a two-page summary of our work for their monthly newsletter in August, September, October, and November.
They provided a platform for Canadian iGEM teams to explain their projects and create a community between teams that are separated by thousands of kilometers.

Surveys and other Help

 Hefei University of Technology
We provided feedback on a search tool they were developing for navigating the iGEM website. Greece iGEM Team
We filled out their survey on engineering and delivering modular RNAi-based logic circuits to treat colorectal cancer.
University of Friedberg
We filled out their survey on immunotherapies.

Team INSA-UPS France
We filled out survey about cholera.
Team Franconia, Germany
We offered team Franconia a part of our poster board to post a QR code for their interactive app.