Applied Design

Over the course of the summer we have designed and engineered a novel filtration system consisting of three modular parts with the aim of removing heavy metal contaminants from water. Continuous engagement with stakeholders has aided the construction and the evolution of our system which has undergone numerous design iterations. In addition to this we have also created a model to inform future industrial implementations of our system.

Integrated Human Practices

Our integrated human practices has been focused around our work into Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). We have continuously employed the use of the AREA framework in our engagements with stakeholders and in internal meetings. Communications with a range of stakeholders has provided inspiration for the design, construction and evolution of our filtration system.

Education and Public Engagement

As an interactive representation of our project we have designed and published a fun educational app with the aim of making our research more accessible to the public. Through holding events at open days, giving lectures to college students and undergraduates and presentations to academics and peers we have made outreach a central part of our project.


We created a model with the aim of informing the future implementation of our project within an industrial setting. The model provides particular knowledge on the scalability of the metal binding reactor; the component of our filter that houses our modified bacteria. We have incorporated a user friendly interface on our wiki.