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Deliverables Poster printed, presentation...needs a bit more practicing and all deliverables ticked off
Characterisation/Contribution We have participated in the Interlab Study and we have sent our results to iGEM HQ.
Attribution Numerous individuals and companies have shaped our project from start to finish, we have thanked each one of these on our attributions page.

Validated Part We proved that the T7_FimH_225sfGFP part worked as expected. After induction using the T7 promoter fluorescence was observed on the TECAN, when imaged using an Image Stream and when imaged on a TEM using immunogold labelling.
Collaboration We collaborated with the Newcastle iGEM team. We obtained data for them using our FACS machine allowing them to look at deGFP expression levels from the different promoters at the single cell level. We also collaborated with the Cardiff iGEM team. Cardiff were able to measure the number of E. coli that had survived upon exposure to UV light at different time intervals.
Human Practices Throughout the project we implemented the AREA framework to ensure we were continuously conducting responsible research.

Integrated Human Practices Building on our Human Practices we incorporated RRI into our engagements with various stakeholders. Communications with these stakeholders were influential for the inspiration, design and evolution our applied design and our model
Improve a previous part We improved the previous part pRha - fimH - SpyTag_N from the Harvard 2015 iGEM team. We have removed the Spy Tag and moved the His tag from the 225th residue, making pRha_FimH_1His. We have further characterised the part by doing a Western Blot.
Model your project We created and designed a model to inform the future industrial implementation of our project which has been incorporated into a friendly user interface and showcased on our wiki, click here.