Meet our Team!

Get to know our team of 10 undergraduate students from the University of Exeter and their supervisors.

Laura Simpson BSc Mathematics

Laura is well known for pioneering the "iGEM lunch", characterised by its start time of 11am.

Rachel Jones MPhys Physics

Rachel's perfect day: Morning - Make a couple dozen litres of LB Afternoon - Count colonies on agar plates Evening - run some water through the MBR.

Anna Macklin BSc Biological Sciences

Rumour has it that Anna writes her diary in spider-diagram form.

Kinga Zielińska BSc Natural Sciences

We had to insist that she flew with us to Boston rather than cycle just so she didn't get there before us.

Karolina Kostrzyńska BSc Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Karolina suffers no fools as Jake B well knows.

Rahan Nazeer BSc Biochemistry

Rahan and his nutmeg pros have embarrassed many, once respected, people over the course of the summer.

Louis Philipp Lukas BSc Computer Science with Economics

Louis has eaten ~375 carrots since the start of iGEM.

Jacob Binsley BSc Physics

Jake's browser home page is a royalty free sounds website.

Jake Eager MPhys Physics

Jake spends his weekends at home working as a cheesemonger. I wish I was joking.

Sean Large MMath Mathematics

Sean types 3000 word LaTeX documents in his sleep.


John Love PI

John is Professor for Synthetic Biology at the University of Exeter and director of the Exeter Microbial Biofuels Group.

Paul James PI

Paul is a Research Fellow working under Professor Love in the Exeter Microbial Biofuels group. He has been involved with iGEM since 2013 and continues to be amazed by the range and depth of projects that students produce year in year out and is looking forward to another fantastic year.

Chloe Singleton PI

Chloe is a Research Fellow in the Exeter Microbial Biofuels group under the direction of John Love. It is only her second year as an official member of the Exeter iGEM team, but she has watched previous teams develop and test their ideas in the lab. Their enjoyment and enthusiasm for their projects has been an inspiration and she is looking forward to being an active adviser for the second time.

Jamie Gilman Supervisor

Jamie is a fourth year PhD student, working in the Exeter Microbial Biofuels Group. It is his second year being involved with iGEM. Again, he has enjoyed working with the team and is looking forward to being a judge in Boston.

Dan Barber Supervisor

Dan took part in iGEM2016 and is an intern with Shell spending his year in industry with the Exeter Microbial Biofuels Group at the University of Exeter.