Team Lead

Responsibilities include: focusing on the overarching goals for the iGEM competition and setting deadlines for the team to reach those goals, brainstorming with each workgroup, gathering resources for the workgroups, and playing a major role in the fundraising campaign. Mainly, I give my team members the space to become experts in their part of the project while making sure we’re on the path to a gold medal!


Associate Team Lead

Responsibilities are securing locations for meetings, organizing social events, corresponding with SGA to get iGEM registered as a student organization, helping team leader and members wherever necessary (fundraising, keeping teams updated, corresponding with advisors).


Head of Human Practices Team

Responsible for organizing Human Practices efforts including community involvement, contacting participants (Celiac patients, Gastroenterologists, and members of the community), helping to compose the scripted Presentation for the iGEM Jamboree, organizing content for the final poster, and coding portions of the wiki, as well as, running final checks on questions, content, and graphics used as part of FSU’s iGEM project.

Del Cid

Human Practices Team Member

I have been responsible for researching on the feasibility of the project and reviewing relevant literature to our project. I have collaborated on the design and completion of our wiki and iGEM presentation, contacted companies, in efforts to raise funds, and Celiac Disease patients, to get an insider’s perspective of this disease.


Human Practices Team Member

Responsible for speaking with people with Celiac Disease, doctors and general public, helped develop Moonshot Night survey, integrating Human Practices into the project, designing graphics and slides for the Presentation, designing preliminary poster for the project and for Moonshot Night, and working on a video series collaboration-outreach effort with the University of Florida.


Human Practices Team Member

Responsible for developing a strategic fundraising plan for the FSU iGEM team, reaching out to companies nationwide and throughout the state of Florida as well as partnering with the CDF and local support groups for Celiac Disease and working all summer to find a sponsor or partnership for the team.


Human Practices Team Member

Responsible for all of the drawings depicted in the presentation, poster, wiki, book, and t-shirts. While she wasn't able to be a dedicated worker throughout the summer and unfortunately is not able to come to the Jamboree, she was able to make all the animations and drawings in only two weeks!


Head of Design Team

Responsible for understanding the problem, detailing three workable designs, ordering parts, and collaborating with Create team. Has performed literature reviews for all modules, determined best approach to problem, created Python notebooks detailing build, chosen Promoters, RBS and terminator used, diagramed designs on Visio, ordered gBlocks from IDT, incorporated testing parameters provided by the Create Team, determined best designs to pursue, designed workable gBlocks that allow for modularity, checked for illegal cut sites on the CDS, collaborated with University of Lethbridge to determine design overlaps and defined FASTA files.


Design Team Member

Responsible for conducting literature search on zonulin, literature search on potential ways to get gliadin/zonulin receptor to membrane, literature search on kinetics of kumamax on gliadin and creating initial device in cell sketch for zonulin receptor cell, aiding in modeling gliadin degrader using PySB and in modeling receptors using PySB.


Design Team Member

Responsible for performing extensive literature review, developing a preliminary design for the Gliadin Degrader Cop Cell, creating predictive analytic models for the Gliadin Degrader Cop Cell and a comparative model combining the gliadin Degrader & Cuff Small Intestine Cop Cell using python in PySB, improving model functionality by incorporating Compartment-based modeling into a rule-based model in order to enable explicit definition of volume, and aiding in the development of empirical testing methods for experimentally determining the efficacy of cell constructs


Head of Create Team

Responsible for building and testing the cell designs, overseeing testing protocols, responsible for a system of naming the designs, doing transformations, plasmid preps, restriction cuts, run gels and gel purifications.


Create Team Member

Responsible for testing protocols, doing plasmid mini preps, restriction digests and testing of E-coli constructs and is the Vice Chancellor of Enzyme stocks.


Create Team Member

Responsibilities have been the development of assembly protocols for our different construct designs and the coordination of the submission of parts to the IGEM registry alongside my teammate, Wes.


Create Team Member

Responsible for the Interlab Study, doing the transformations, plasmid preps, restriction cuts, and gels purifications. In the lab, since the G blocks we ordered arrived, we've TOPO cloned 2 gliadin degraders and 2 gliadin sponges, we've selected 8 Anderson promoters each representing different gene expression strengths because we don't know which promoter will work best, so we will try each one. Hopefully we will have 32 constructs for testing.


Primary PI

Cesar Rodriguez started the iGEM team with support from the Provost. At the beginning of the 2017 Spring semester, he recruited iGEM members and advisors. After forming this team, he helped generate the team structure and workflow with the elected leaders, and continued showing support throughout the summer with candid feedback and supporting the fundraising effort. As we began to develop a solution to Celiac Disease, he performed a talk at one of FSU iGEM’s first public engagement activity with Moonshot Night. Now, as we are wrapping up our research, he has still been supporting the team by adding the parts to the registry, shipping out parts, and developing the skeleton of our wiki so that we can more easily learn and interact with the HTML code. Overall, he gave us candid feedback to better develop our deliverables and our workflow throughout this project.


Secondary PI

Emily Pritchard is the co-PI for the FSU iGEM team alongside Cesar. At the beginning of this project, she was instrumental in developing the leaders of our team by discussing project management and connecting them with Robert Potts. She was instrumental in recruiting Erin Smyth, our designer for the team that is responsible for all the cartoon's on the poster and presentation. She assisted in fundraising on FSU campus and is a big reason we are able to come to the iGEM Jamboree. As a member of the Moonshot Florida Board of Directors, she helped organize iGEM’s first public engagement activity with Moonshot Night. While Savannah Shewan was leading the conversation in the discussion room, Emily was overseeing Cesar's talk. Additionally she helped organize the public engagement with an elementary classroom (where her son learns!) and helped us get our book into print. Near the end of our project, she developed a template for our pdf documents on the wiki and even helped formatting some of those documents. Overall, she gave us candid feedback to better develop our deliverables and our workflow throughout this project.


Head of Lab and Molecular Biology Advisor

Jonathan Dennis is the Molecular Biology advisor for the team, but when we started this project we soon realized we didn't have a place to conduct our research. In response, he let us set up our experiments in his lab and even gave us his resources to conduct the research. More than just giving us his space, he continued to be a mentor for our Create team and taught them the techniques to use in the lab, helped us buy lab resources through VWR, and assisted in designing the analytic assays that we used.


Protein Engineering Advisor

Michael Blaber is the protein engineering advisor for the team. At the beginning of the project, we came up with the three-module system and even decided on what proteins to use on the membrane, but the main issue was that these proteins were too large. He helped us refine our solution by using a truncated protein (keeping only the extracellular part). After this key suggestion early in the project, he continued to give feedback on our progress and helped us troubleshoot problems.


Lab Assistant

Lamia Arafa is a graduate student working under Cesar Rodriguez. She was instrumental in some last minute lab-work as we were coming down to the wire: shipping out parts to iGEM HQ, and helping out in the lab where needed most!


Director of Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy

Ruth Didier is the Director of Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy at the Florida State University College of Medicine. In addition to giving us access to these resources for the Interlab Study **and the gliadin cuff**, she trained our Create group in how to use these resources.


Project Management Advisor

Robert Potts was our project management advisor who was recruited by Emily Pritchard. While we were still developing our team structure and workflow, he gave a lecture on the fundamentals of project management to the leaders of our team. This led to us developing a team charter, a plan for the summer work, and a division of labor into our three workgroups.


Social Advisor

Ron Frazier specializes in entrepreneurship and business strategy. During the summer, he opened his house to us and gave us the space to relax and hang out and remind us that this project is about having fun while contributing to something larger than ourselves: the field of synthetic biology!


Account Manager

Janine Welch is the Assistant Dean at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and she is the manager of the FSU iGEM Foundation account. In addition to developing account summaries, she was instrumental in getting our Sheraton Boston reservations completed in time.


Account Manager

Lisa Fowler is the Office Administrator for the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering department within the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. She is the manager for our SRAD account. In addition to developing monthly reports for our account, she assisted us in quickly moving those funds to the necessary recipients.


Accounting Specialist

Taylor Bane is the accounting specialist at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. He assisted us to timely purchase flights to Boston before the prices sharply increased.


BMES Advisor

Samuel Grant is the Biomedical Engineering Society advisor. He helped lead a collaboration between the Biomedical Engineering Society FSU Chapter and the FSU iGEM team. This collaboration led to successful fundraising events from FSU, a wider audience to get presentation feedback, and will be a useful avenue for recruitment.



John Gray graduated from Florida State University and decided to become an advisor rather than a participating member. Throughout the summer he helped take pictures for Moonshot Night and gave candid feedback for the poster, presentation, and wiki.


Fundraising Advisor

Jesse Torres assisted us with fundraising for research and travel costs.


Fundraising Advisor

Sarishni Patel assisted us with fundraising for research and travel costs.


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