Team:Florida Atlantic/Attributions



Douglas Holmes:

- Design of Inducible Lysis Device with guidance from Dr. Esiobu (June-September)
- Bioinformatics: Artemisinin Binding Proteins (March-May)
- Interlab Experiment (September)

Michael Teti:

- Neural network modeling (January-November)
- LSTM software coding (May-November)
- Protein Tensorflow article (May-Current)

Rachel St Clair:

- Web design (May-November)
- LSTM software organization and application (May-November)
- Protein Tensorflow article (May-Current)

David Dunleavy

- Design of Inducible Lysis Device (June-September)
- Protein Tenserflow Article (May-Current)
- Fundraising Team (July-September)

Abrian Miller

- Cloning/Bio-engineering of bacteria wit novel protein.
- Analysis of neural network results
- Bioinformatics: Artemisinin Binding Proteins

Rachel VanZant

- Team scribe in charge of taking notes
- Meeting scheduling
- Logistics

Sherlee Rivera

- Fundraising activities (May- Current)
- Logistics help (May-current)

Valentina Buitrago

- Fundraising Leader (March- Current)
- Interlab Participant (June- Current)


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