Team:Fudan China/Attributions

Student works

In this project, most works are done by ourselves(students). In wet lab part, we initiated the project by our own ideas, designed and conducted the experiments by ourselves. In dry lab part, we turned our own ideas into models. In HP part, we designed the brick toy and organized some events by ourselves as well.

Tian Huang

  • The initiator and designer of this project
  • Responsible for wet lab, including designing, doing and debugging the experiments
  • Wiki coding

Yixin Ma

  • Responsible for all the human practice work
    • Organized and participanted in all the activity from the sewage plant visit to the collection of public ideas
    • Initiated the idea and developed the theory of iGEM taxonomy
    • Designed and developed the 3-D printed model toy
  • Participated in all iGEM conferences and reached out for collaborations

Xinyu Dai

  • Modeling work
  • Assistance of the school club fair
  • Spreading the ideas of synthetic biology and improving the primary school science education in Huoqiu,Anhui Province.

Suning Zhao

  • Attending in the 5th Asia-pacific iGEM conference
  • Visiting Xinchu sewage plant and learning from it
  • Organizing our team show in club fair of our school

Xinyi Xu

  • Offer conceptual scheme and make art design for all the poster, propaganda material, PPT ect. used in different activities and conferences
  • Wiki frame and element design, illustration drawing, groups’ style and logo establishment
  • Attending the Conference of China iGEMer Community, and some of the HP programs

Haiyun Liu

  • Conducting experiments of the main program
  • Responsible for parts, including constructing plasmids, shipping and editing registry part pages
  • Participating in HP, including sewage plant visit and the experiments afterwards, the school club fair and designing and making a demonstration paper model

Hanzhen Zhang

  • Conducting all the experiments in the InterLab program and uploaded the results
  • Helping with doing experiments for the main program


This year, we received supports from many professors and students. Thank you for your help!

General Support

Prof. Liang Cai helps us a lot on various chores, like booking plane tickets, organizing training cources.

Project support and advice

At the beginning of our project, we recieved a lot of advices on the feasibility from Prof. Xiaoming Ding, Prof. Daru Lu, Prof. Tin Ni, Prof. Liang Cai, Prof. Ruoyu Luo, Prof. Jiang Zhong and Prof. Guoping Zhao.

We carry out our wet lab experiments in Prof. Xiaoming Ding's Lab.

Fund Support

The bio-elite program, the Collaborative Innovation Center of Genetics and Development, and the Yunfeng Foundation have provide sufficient funds to cover instructor's stipend, experimental related costs and team registration/Jamboree fees.

Panowin technology is the 3-D printing company that help us print out our brick toy. They let us to use the material and machines for free.

Lab Support

In January, we received basic lab skill and theory training by higher grade students, Yang Xie, Yefan Hu and Ziyue Wang. This additional course was arranged by Prof. Liang Cai.

Our instructor, Yucong Yu gives us wet lab training and daily advice. Our secondary PI, Xiaoming Ding and Yucong Yu helps us a lot when experiments go wrong. All other lab members in Ding's Lab help us a lot as well.

We received machine and technique help from Jiang Zhong's Lab on plate reader.

Human Practices Support

Panowin technology is the 3-D printing company that help us print out our brick toy. Technicians there gave us great suggestions on improving the stability of our brick toy. As a sponsor, they also let us to use the material and machines for free.


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