Team:Fudan China/Collaborations


Although we are from the same school, we chose totally different projects and tracks, and worked in different labs. In wet lab, Fudan and Fudan_China discussed about experiments and debugging methods almost everyday! There was frequent reagent exchange between us, like competent cells, enzymes and antibiotics. For example, team Fudan received Tetracycline and Chloramphenicol from us, while we obtained DH5alpha competent cells from team Fudan. Also, we borrow experiment equipments in each other's lab when needed. In dry lab, Fudan helped us to meet the professor of biophysics, and get some enlightenment of the diffusion model. In the meantime, we taught Fudan how to make an interactive animation of their models on their wiki.


We submitted our parts to the part library built by the team ShanghaiTech. We discussed the problem with team Shanghaitech and they helped us figure out an available algorithm in August. And we talked about the possibilities of dividing our circuit into smaller parts that can be delivered by their multilayer signal processing system, so that the load in each cells may be decreased.

We also worked together in dry lab work. There was an approximate process in the origin integrase model, the rapid equilibrium, which causes the difficulties in infinitesimal method for simulation.


We had a phone call with team Peking in late August. Due to the similarity of our system, we discussed about the integrase experiment details. Peking answered our questions carefully. It was helpful for us to modify our experiment on integrases.


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