Team:Fudan China/InterLab

InterLab section is the biggest interlaboratory studies in synthetic biology starting from 2014 launched by iGEM. We were invited to participate in the Fourth International InterLaboratory Measurement Study as an 2017 iGEM team and finished all the experiments and measurements in early July.

As a half-engineering discipline, synthetic biology requires reliable and repeatable measurement, and that is the aim for the Measurement Committee of iGEM. By developing a robust measurement procedure for GFP, it enables people to directly compare measurements to debug engineered biological constructs.

In the fourth InterLab, we used a clear and precise GFP measurement protocol offered by the Measurement Committee and followed the steps. All the results have been submitted to the committee on time, which will contribute to the analysis and improvement on the protocol.

Detailed InterLab experiment data is shown here.


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