Team:Gaston Day School/HP/Silver

Human Practice

For iGEM this year, we are working on our project, “Increasing Bacterial Isopropanol Resistance through Bioengineering”. We are developing a way to increase isopropanol production by increasing its resistance to E. coli, the bacteria we chose. By increasing isopropanol production, we can create more alternative energy sources for the world to use.


Our iGEM team has participated in many community outreach services. Over the summer, we held a Southeastern iGEM team conference at our school where we practiced presenting our projects. The Duke and East Chapel Hill iGEM teams joined us. Recently, our group set up stands at the Schiele to teach the community, especially younger students, about bioengineering. At the Schiele, we made DNA necklaces out of wheat germ so that we could show younger kids what DNA looks like.

  • Schiele museum DNA activity
  • Southeastern igem team conference
    • Duke
    • East Chapel Hill
  • Schiele museum building with biology discussion questions
  • GDS building with biology discussion questions
  • Collaboration with Duke - send E. coli plate samples

Team leader Heena Saqib and a Duke senior student at Gaston Day School Bio-lab