Team:Gaston Day School/Team Introduction

Heena Saqibo

Heena is one of the leaders of our iGEM team, and has has been an active participant for 3 years. She cares deeply about iGEM and wants to see us succeed. She’s most at home in a lab environment, and it shows.

Ethan Van Meter

Ethan joined the iGEM team as a freshman in 2016. He’s new to the lab environment but he’s a quick learner and is willing to pick up any project he can’t quickly destroy.

Dustin Putnam

Dustin has been a loyal part of the iGEM team since he joined in 2015 as an 8th grader. He is well-versed in many lab skills & procedures, & always helps in any way he can.

Carlos Sanchez

Carlos has been with iGEM for three years. He’s an integral part of the team, and plans to be one of the team leaders next year.

Lily Song

Lily has been on the iGEM team for a year. She's worked steadily on the wetlab and has accomplished much in the time she's worked here.

Becky Fu

Becky is in her second year as a member of our team. She has been working on our kill curves and will continue to be a solid scientist in iGEM.

Grace Goff

Grace is a second year member of iGEM. She's done just about everything there is to do in the lab and is just as much a part of the lab as the microfuge and the pipettes.

Vanessa Stafford

Vanessa joined the iGEM team in 2016 and has been a valuable and hardworking member since. She is in charge of human practices.

Elon Zhao

Elon has just joined our team this year. He so graciously developed our official 2017 website.

Anne Byford

Ms. Byford has been with the team since the beginning. We wouldn't be half the team we are now without her!