The HBUT CHINA 2017 IGEM team is composed of a group of undergraduate students from Hubei University of Technology. Members are mainly from the School of Biological Engineering and Food Science, and the School of Computer Science. The team PIs are Associate Professor Tang Jingfeng and Associate Professor Dai Jun. In March, 2017, we went through a number of brainstorming cycles to determine the content of our project that we have called "Nickel Hunter". Then, under the “learning by doing” guidance of Professors Tang and Dai, we began to develop and improve our program design, until in July we began actual experiments.

Project support and advice

Professors Tang and Dai together were the catalyst that created the “HBUT China 2017 iGEM” team. They took part in the brainstorming stage, and have provided guidance throughout the project.

Lab support

Our thanks go to Professors Tang and Dai for their ongoing assistance with laboratory techniques, and frequently reviewing our protocols. Our molecular experiments were mainly performed in Professor Tang's laboratory, while our detection and analysis experiments were done in Professor Dai's laboratory.

HZAU provided the plate reader needed to perform the measurements required for the InterLab.

Wet lab experiment

Bian Tong, Chen Zhengyang and Hu Ting were the members most responsible for the molecular experiments. They designed various parts of the BioBrick and built it. Chen Zhengyang, Liu Xiangchen and Yao Zhiyang were the members most responsible for the microbiology experiments. They cultured engineered bacteria in mediums with differeing concentrations of Nickel, then measured their fluorescence and OD, and analyzed the data. Dai Ning, Han Zhuyu and Liu Wenwen were responsible for the InterLab, and also for the collaboration with HZAU.

Wiki support

Fang Peining and Luo Qing were responsible for the construction of our Wiki. They needed to understand all aspects of the project, and brief the team on the project's progress during the weekly brainstorming. All members were involved in the editing of the Wiki content.

Human Practices

Fang Peining and Huang Wei were in charge of Human Practices.


Peng Chunli, Zhang Xiaopu, Li Tongyu and Jiang Yue were responsible for establishing a mathematical model of the reaction process, and correctly extrapolating the concentration of Ni based on that reaction.

Fundraising help and advice

Associate Professor Tang Jingfeng, Associate Professor Dai Jun, and instructor Chen Han helped us to apply for funding from our university,School of Food and Biological Engineering Hubei University of Technology, who covered our registration fees, and provided funding for our experiments and participation in the Giant Jamboree at MIT in Boston.

Difficult technique support

Because this is both our first time competing in iGEM, and also the first time we've designed, developed, and executed an experiment from start to finish, we encountered many difficult obstacles during the project. Professors Tang and Dai provided invaluable support and guidance without which we may not have succeeded.


We wish to extend our sincere thanks to several postgrad students from Associate Professor Tang Jingfeng's and Associate Professor Dai Jun's laboratories, who provided a lot of help to us; especially postgraduate students Huang Fang, and Huang Zhen who guided our experiment operations. Thanks to instructors Dan Churchman and Chen Han who work at the Department of International Relations of Hubei University of Technology, and provided instruction to improve our English,correct our wiki content, and develop our presentation skills.